Discover the Wonder of Kidseum: A Fascinating Destination for Kids in Santa Ana, CA

If you're looking for a place where your kids can have a fun-filled and educational experience, Kidseum in Santa Ana, California, should be your top choice. Kidseum is a children's museum that offers a wide array of exhibits, programs, and events that are specifically designed for kids.

What is Kidseum?

Kidseum is a part of the Bowers Museum, which is one of the most prominent museum complexes in Southern California. It was established in the year 1994 as a response to the need for a dedicated museum for children in the area. Kidseum is an interactive and hands-on museum that aims to inspire children's creativity, imagination, and curiosity.

What can you expect at Kidseum?

Kidseum offers several exciting exhibits and programs that cater to the interests and learning needs of kids. Here are some of the things you can find in Kidseum:

The Archaeology Room

The Archaeology Room is one of the most popular exhibits at Kidseum. It is an interactive and immersive exhibit that allows kids to explore the world of archaeology. The exhibit features a simulated archaeological site where kids can participate in a mock excavation, learn about ancient artifacts, and uncover mysteries from the past.

Art Studio

The Art Studio at Kidseum is a creative space where kids can express their artistic talents. The Art Studio offers various art projects, such as painting, sculpting, and drawing, that are designed to foster kids' creativity and imagination.

Santa Ana Discoveries Exhibit

The Santa Ana Discoveries Exhibit is a multimedia exhibit that introduces kids to the history and culture of Santa Ana, California. The exhibit features interactive displays, artifacts, photographs, and documents that showcase the city's past and present.

Hands-On History

Hands-On History is a program that enables kids to experience history in a fun and engaging way. The program features historical reenactments, storytelling, and hands-on activities that bring history to life.

The history of Kidseum

Kidseum has a rich history that is intertwined with the history of Santa Ana, California. When the Bowers Museum was established in 1936, it became an essential cultural institution in the region. However, it wasn't until 1994 that the museum's management recognized the need for a dedicated museum for children in the area. That's when Kidseum was born.

Since its founding, Kidseum has been committed to providing quality educational experiences for children. Over the years, Kidseum has expanded its exhibits, programs, and events to cater to the changing needs and interests of kids.

What do experts say about Kidseum?

Kidseum has received numerous awards and recognition for its outstanding contributions to children's education and engagement. Here's what some of the experts have to say about Kidseum:

According to the Museum Assessment Program, \"Kidseum offers a unique, engaging, and transformative experience for children and families.\"

The National Science Foundation described Kidseum as \"an innovator in science education for children.\"

The Orange County Register referred to Kidseum as \"one of the most exciting and enriching destinations for children in Orange County.\"

Why visit Kidseum?

If you're a parent or a teacher, Kidseum is an excellent destination for your kids. Here are some reasons why you should visit Kidseum:

It offers a unique and immersive experience

Kidseum is not your typical museum. It offers hands-on activities, interactive exhibits, and engaging programs that enable kids to explore and discover the world around them. Kids can learn about science, history, art, and culture in a way that is both fun and educational.

It caters to all ages

Kidseum offers exhibits and programs that are appropriate for kids of all ages. Whether you have a toddler or a teenager, you can find something that will interest and engage your child at Kidseum.

It fosters creativity and imagination

Kidseum's exhibits and programs are designed to spark kids' creativity and imagination. Kids can explore their artistic talents, learn about science and technology, and discover the wonders of history and culture.

It offers a safe and supportive environment

Kidseum is a safe and supportive environment where kids can learn, play, and explore without fear of judgment or criticism. The museum's staff are friendly and knowledgeable, and they are always available to assist and guide kids as they explore the exhibits.


In conclusion, Kidseum is a fascinating destination for kids in Santa Ana, California. With its engaging exhibits, innovative programs, and supportive environment, Kidseum offers a unique and exciting experience for kids of all ages. Whether you're a parent, a teacher, or a kid, Kidseum is a place you don't want to miss.

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